BMC Track-It!- Helpdesk & Asset Management

Affordable Reliable IT Help Desk

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IT Help Desk / Facilities Management / HR Management
Improve end-user satisfaction and resolution rates while reducing costs by allowing your help desk technicians to track their work more efficiently. Justify the need for additional staff by tracking all tasks.

Department Security segments data so multiple departments can utilize the Track-It! Help Desk to manage their tasks. Facilities, Human Resources and IT Help Desk can all benefit from task management.

The Helpdesk includes:

  • LDAP/Active Directory integration,
  • Work Order Templates,
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs),
  • Work Order Timer, Stop the Clock,
  • Scheduled Work Orders, Scheduled Reports,
  • Parent/Child tickets,
  • Automatic Email to Work Order conversion,
  • Skill Routing, Automatic Prioritization,
  • Automatic Escalation and automatic notifications.

Asset Management
Reduce costs and wasteful spending on IT assets you thought were lost or didn’t realize you owned.

Automatic asset discovery and auditing gather and record asset information for everything on your network, giving you the ability to take control of your IT environment and make better decisions with complete hardware, software and configuration data about all of your assets.

The Inventory module includes:

  • Asset Discovery,
  • Auditing,
  • Audit on Demand,
  • Unassigned Equipment Inventory
  • and Asset Retirement.

Change Management
Control costs and outages resulting from unplanned network or server changes. Change Management tracks, controls and reports on the process of IT change management. Minimize IT infrastructure change risks through effective review, enforcement and approval automation.

Self-Service Portal
Reduce costs by allowing end-users to log tickets and get status on existing tickets through the Self-Service Web Portal. Your users can submit new requests, search for solutions to common problems, view the status of previously submitted work orders, access their asset information or reset their AD password. You can even utilize the Active Directory integration to provide trusted AD authentication for rapid and easy access. Save time and precious resources by helping users to help themselves.

Software License Management
Never waste money on software licenses that you already owned or worry about fines or penalties related to a software audit. Along with the Track-It! Asset Management module, Software License Management helps you keep track of and report on the number (and type) of software licenses owned and utilized within your organization. Gain control over your software licensing costs and get access to instant and accurate license information.

Mobile Help Desk
Save time and money by allowing your mobile help desk technicians to update their work orders and enter new ones while on the go. The Track-It! Mobile capability gives technicians easy mobile access to the Help Desk, Asset Management and Knowledge Management modules. Technicians can now update or add work items from anywhere, allowing them to give great service to your users on the move and keep up with their work without having to go back to their desk.

Knowledge Management
Save time and money by utilizing lessons learned from previous help desk tickets. Knowledge management in the Solutions module allows IT staff to build a database of solutions to help save time and money training new IT staff or troubleshooting known issues as well as allowing end users to resolve common issues themselves by giving them the ability to search known solutions in the self-service portal. Solutions can be marked as Public or Private, allowing you to filter which solutions are seen by your Help Desk Technicians and which are seen by your end-users.

Scheduled & E-mailed Reports
Save time and money by optimizing your Help Desk and Asset Management operations by regularly monitoring key metrics. Schedule and e-mail reports automatically to keep you and your management up to date on the latest trends in your business. Based on the industry leading Crystal Reports reporting tool, you get the sophistication and flexibility you need to keep track of key performance and capacity data.

Dashboards and Analytics
Reports and dashboards help you save time and money by giving you an instant and visual display of your key performance indicators. Schedule and email important reports for regular metrics reporting in your group or to management. Continually improve your service quality through effective and timely reporting. 

Can’t remember what type of RAM you purchased for that sales persons laptop 2 months ago? The Purchasing module allows you to keep track of all your IT related purchases. You can record the vendor used, items ordered, part numbers, serial numbers, quantities, prices and tax information. Stay on top of your IT purchasing and keep an accurate record of parts ordered and the costs associated with those purchases.

Training can help you to keep track of training classes that IT staff (or other employees) have taken. You can keep records of the course details, feedback and results. Get a complete view of your training and skills profile and make better decisions about current and future education needs.

Never lose track of loaner equipment again. The Library lets you track hardware, software and other non-technology assets that you have available to loan to users. Now you will always know who borrowed something, when they borrowed it and when the item is due to be returned.


  • Named
  • Concurrent


  • Track-It! Self Service Users 
  • Track-It! Remote Control 
  • Track-It! Audit 
  • Track-It! Mac Audit 
  • Track-It PC Migrate  
  • Web Survey
  • Track-It! Bar Code Manager
  • Track-It! Bar Code Device Applications

    *Available for SA Councils with an added initiative.

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